Connecting goes Mondo with new large screen device


Note: This post first appeared in the Feb. 4  edition of the Daily Herald Business Ledger

Erik Person wants you to change how your company connects.
As president of TeamLogicIT in Schaumburg, Person and his team have been helping suburban small and medium sized businesses with their IT needs for almost a year. But his company’s latest offering, he said, will definitely change the way small businesses will connect and collaborate with its clients and staff. TeamLogicIT is one of a few local companies that’s authorized to sell the Mondopad, a large touch screen videoconferencing solution built by Portland, Ore.-based InFocus.
Person describes the Mondopad as a low-cost business solution that combines conferencing, collaboration and sharing tools into one device. Resembling a large-screen television, the Mondopad features a full 55-inch or 70-inch touch-enabled screen with an HD camera mounted at the top and a 50-watt sound bar beneath. It’s heart is an Intel PC processor and, combined with software built on the Windows 7 operating system, the Mondopad can handle videoconferencing, presentations, and meetings using video/audio, whiteboard, PowerPoint, and any data sharing programs used in business.
“It’s filling a space that’s pretty much empty right now,” Person said.
He stresses the device is an all-in-one solution, allowing businesses to conference, collaborate and share anything that can be done in a Windows-based environment.
“You can switch to a whiteboard, use the web browser, highlight and annotate Web pages or pictures on the fly,” he said. “The people viewing can see your screen the whole time, so they can see what’s going on.” What’s discussed and annotated on screen can also be saved to a PDF file and distributed to the participants, he added.
And since it’s Windows-based, it can run the same business software currently running on your PC, like Word, Excel or PowerPoint.
InFocus is no stranger to the business world, as the company is best known for building LCD projectors and other audio/visual accessories. The company’s target for the Mondopad are small and medium sized businesses that need a comprehensive conferencing solution at a reasonable cost, according to Abigail Rath, InFocus business development manager.
Rath noted what makes Mondopad unique is, even though the device is loaded with its own conferencing software, it is still compatible with existing conferencing systems, such as Cisco or PolyCom, and can also use web-based conferencing software such as GoToMeeting or Skype.
“When you think about it, it’s just a beautiful PC with a touch enabled device,” Rath said from Portland during a recent conference call on a Mondopad at TeamLogicIT’s office. “So anything that your customers are using that are proprietary, they can load it as a third party app on the Mondopad.
Person notes that’s particularly attractive to businesses that already own an expensive system but don’t want to throw everything out to move to Mondopad. And because of that flexibility, you don’t need to be on a Mondopad to confer with one another. Person and Rath note people in the field can connect with Mondopad through notebooks and tablets.
Person sees the ideal Mondopad user as a small or medium sized business that either has multiple locations or a number of its employees in the field. One of their clients is a construction company with offices in Chicago and Texas.
The cost of the Mondopad starts at $5,949 for the 55-inch device and $10,499 for the 70-inch model, which includes hardware and software, Person said the price is about three to four times less than purchasing the device’s functionality separately. TeamLogicIT also provides installation and support services, he added.
For more information on the Mondopad or TeamLogicIT services, contact Person at (847) 925-8400 or