The gatekeepers of the new world

Something interesting happened in the journey of the Internet making us free to choose what we want to read, see and follow.

Our freedom to choose has become more limited.

Not by intent … at least we think … but at the sake of convenience.

It’s outlined in this video of online pioneer Eli Pariser speaking at this year’s TED conference regarding “filter bubbles.” Pariser, who authored “The Filter Bubble,” notes that personalized search filters utilized by the major search engines, social networking sites and other information gatherers are actually limiting our world view.

It’s a fascinating and eye-opening speech.

Add this to the Pew Research Institute’s new report on the state of the news media, which notes search engines and social media are increasingly becoming drivers of traffic to news sites.

It just confirms what many of us knew for years.  The Internet didn’t open the gate controlled by traditional news media for the previous millennium.

It just handed the keys over to the guys in the Silicon Valley.


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