There’s a reason it’s called ‘social’ media

The Toprank blog entry “Why Do So Many Companies Suck at Social Media?”  is a piece worth reading if you’re considering social media for your company It really hits to the heart as to why so many companies cannot get a grasp of social media.

The key point is that corporate culture isn’t very social to begin with. Coupled with marketing and promotion methods still tied to older media (think “Mad Men”-era), most efforts to connect with clients and customers are ineffective or futile. And, as this blog entry notes, most executives are not social types.

Now, add the fear of failure into the mix, and you can see why business tries “tried” methods in a new environment.

However, social media– as I’ve written in previous entries — is all about being relevant and engaged. The ability to listen as well as talk. Let your customers know what you have (or what you’re all about), but engage them in dialog. Let them tell you how you’re doing, react and respond.

The big thing we’re learning that the Toprank entry notes is that social media has the ability to be forgiving. As a result, it’s a wonderful platform to take risks, try new things and engage new clients or customers. Not only do you have the ability to get immediate feedback, you can simply pull the plug when something doesn’t work and try something different. 

But above all, have a plan before you jump in. Know what you want to achieve and plan your strategy accordingly. It’s a lot easier achieving success when you have something to look to, instead of swimming with the crowd.

Engage your community. Listen and respond. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Develop a personality. Do these, and you will have success being ‘social.’


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