Social networking: Stop talking, start listening

Mashable recently had a great piece on how small businesses are having success on social networking. The main theme throughout these stories is that in order to be a success, you need to engage and respond to your followers.

In other words, stop talking, and start listening.

I was reminded of an exchange I had with a Twitter follower a couple of years back. The person was a new follower of me, so I was not that familiar with him. But I was surprised when I got a tweet from him, basically saying, “Is anyone out there reading this?”

I responded that I was, indeed, “out there.” He shot back that he was getting frustrated by sending out tweets and not getting anyone to respond, or even acknowledge, his messages. He did thank me for “giving him hope” for Twitter, but I haven’t seen much of him since.

Frankly, the first message from him that ever caught my eye was that desperate call for recognition. But it was obviously clear that, if he had a message, it wasnt getting across.

If you want to build customers and brand, you need to see how they react to your message. Reply, engage, compel. Listen to what your followers are saying.

Stop talking, start listening. Be social on social media.

You’d be surprised how popular you’ll become with your followers.


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