Why a journalist would be a great addition to your business

The Poynter Institute’s Jill Geisler recently wrote a heartfelt and impassioned plea to employers out there, giving them 10 reasons to hire a journalist.

I can’t add to Geisler’s excellent list, only to say: How many employees do you have who have had to deal with stench of death while doing their job? Or have had to talk to grieving family members? Or have had to think on their feet to find ways to circumvent roadblocks to attain information? Or spend hours poring over mountains of mundane documents to find the nugget that links something thought to be unlinkable?

These life experiences are what make journalists an excellent employee in just about any field. They’ve dealt with the underside of life — the best, and the worst of people.

They’ll certainly be able to handle whatever your organization can dish out.

* WOOT! My blog item on newspapers going digital was quoted in this week’s Pew Research Center’s blog trends report. Read it here (although you’ll need to read down a bit!)


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