From the ashes of one, will another arise?

Great journalism will never die. Great journalists won’t let it.

Case in point: weeks after the demise of the Rocky Mountain News, a group of RMN staffers have gone on their own to keep the spirit of the Rocky alive. They are creating an online news source called (The RMN name is still tied up in corporate limbo). With an introduction video (below) and highlights on the newly-created website, these folks are planning to reprise their coverage of the Denver area through a subscription-based model. A press conference is planned for later today, and I will update with info as it’s released.

Although I have concerns that the subscription plan will not be enough to keep the venture afloat, I admire the tenacity and dedication to Denver they are showing here. Moreover, I really admire their dedication to the craft of great journalism.

There is a lot more of this spirit in newsrooms across America. Wouldn’t it be great if their leaders recognized this and allowed it to flourish?

UPDATE, TUESDAY, MARCH 17: According to a Monday press conference, the RMN staffers starting up the site have some financial backing from three Denver businessmen. One says he was the one of the reasons for the demise of the Rocky — he cancelled his subscription years ago because he was getting the Rocky’s news online.

But, he’s offering the challenge to Denver to try to get 50,000 online subscribers by April 23 — which would have been the 150th anniversary for the Rocky. If they achieve that goal, will go live.

This is an exciting movement. Much has been said about the loyalty Denver readers had to the Rocky. Will they have the same loyalty to its soul in a reincarnated form?

We can only hope so.


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