Death watch in Seattle

AP has an interesting story about Seattle facing the possibility of losing both its major daily newspapers. Read it here.

The Post-Intelligencer is considering going from print to online only, while the fate of the Seattle Times is uncertain. And although the P-I would retain an online presence, it would do so at a mere fraction of the labor it used to run the print operations. While noble in idea, the cutbacks may be a bit extreme to make the online P-I a viable voice for the community.

Losing a print edition to digital is not necessarily a bad thing. A community losing its voice, however, is.

UPDATE: TUESDAY, MARCH 17: Hearst made it official Monday. The P-I’s last edition is March 18. Afterwords, the P-I will be an online-only product.

While the move on face value isn’t as tragic as it may seem, there is a lot of worry just how the onlune P-I will continue to be the voice it was in print form. Only about 20 or so editorial employees are being retained for the new online venture. While they are focusing on the new mantra “Do what you do best, and link to the rest,” can 20 employees be enough to effectively cover a major metropolitan area?

We’ll see once the new is unveiled.


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