I blog, therefore I’m authoritative? Not!

Interesting piece from Techcrunch asking is social media like Twitter is causing blogs to lose their authority.

My question is: Do blogs REALLY have any authority to begin with?

Yes, I blog. And I like to think what I write about carries some weight with someone out there. But fact of the matter is that blogs have hit such a saturation point that readers can no longer differentiate between what is credible and what is purely BS.

In other words, blogs have become the CB radio of the new millennium. Everybody does one, but only a few do it right, or do it well.

In order to be authoritative, you must have your readers’ trust. In order to gain that, you must have credibility. Without credibility, you have nothing.

There are many good, credible bloggers out there whose voices are being lost in the maddening crowd of pulpit bangers who feel freedom of speech means saying what you want without thinking, without evidence, without research.

This is why mainstream media has a large following in the online world. CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, BBC all have brands that have been established, and readers migrate to those sites online because they trust the brands.

Bloggers can become authoritative, but it won’t happen until there is a thinning of the herd, which should allow the good ones who persevere through the mess to gain more credibility and readership.

Until then, it’s a stretch to consider blogging as “authoritative.”


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