As expected, the Rocky Mountain News closed its 149-year run with its head held high and nothing to be ashamed of. A powerful paper delivers one last time.

Included in the last web update is this video, a wonderful piece (although not totally unbiased) that captured the essence of the paper.

That’s the press, baby. The press.

Final Edition from Matthew Roberts on Vimeo.


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  1. I started to watch this video on Friday and had to was too emotional. I then spent the time yesterday to watch the entire video.I know people that work at the RMN, and I am sad this had to happen to them.But I want to point out a couple of telling things I saw in the video:1. Most of the people talking in the video are over 40 – It is clear that newspapers are only relevant to an older generation.2. I spend many hours of my life in the daily news meetings that I saw again on this video. What struck me is that only 1 person in that room brought a laptop to the meeting. The rest of the group was still clinging onto paper budgets..that were probably hours out of date. News is now in real time and to survive some honored journalism rituals need to be questioned and changed.


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