Flotsam for today:

* Gotta love it when media experts smack-talk each other. Newsosaur Alan Mutter smacks online guru Jeff Jarvis’ assertion that content should be free by asking why his new book is selling for $26.99?

Cute, to be sure. But keep in mind that Jarvis is not selling his content. You can get a lot of what he says for free on his Buzzmachine blog any day. He’s packaged this particular content into a product that is convenient and is targeted to a specific audience. Those customers are willing to pay $26.99 for the product.

The product happens to be a book and the business model has been around as long as Gutenberg.

Hey, isn’t that a business model that newspapers can embrace?

* One unfortunate uptick for newspapers in these uncertain economic times is an increase in legal advertising — in particular, foreclosure notices. Just look at any newspaper and you can see pages upon pages of foreclosure notices … in many cases more so than classified advertising.

Surely, this will not bring newspapers back into profitability. But it’s got to be helping to stem the bleeding a bit.

More importantly, this is one area that Craigslist hasn’t been able to corner yet.

* You’ve probably noticed I’ve changed the name of this blog. No pressure from outside. Instead, the wife was concerned it made too much fun of how my name is pronounced (it takes cues from its Polish origins, so it’s KLITZ-key, not Klick-key).

So, to keep the marriage intact, I’ve reverted to a more conservative approach. I’ve also added “media” to the name, since I’ve been so focused on that.

Thanks for understanding!


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