Should The New York Times Ditch Paper, Distribute Kindle E-readers? | Technomix | Fast Company

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An interesting proposal, to say the least. NYT gives away the Kindle to readers as a way to wean the paper off of … well … paper.

But can it be that much more cost prohibitive? Given the price of newsprint, ink, presses, the waste created by the printing process, the costs of gas, insurance, and trucks to deliver the product, is it that much more expensive than what we’re doing now?

Frankly, this is the way newspapers should be going. Maybe Kindle is not the answer, but it is a good start. If we look at the business model of the wireless phone industry – practically give the hardware away, then charge for for personalized and premium services – we may be able to craft out a business plan that may actually bring in some money.

Any takers out there?


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  1. I listen to the audio version of the NY times weekdays, and get the rest of the news online.My friend told me the other day that although she subscribes to the newspaper, she doesn’t read it and get her news online.Keep in mind I live in Pennslytucky, and the newspapers are just not that good. The article are hard to understand sometimes. Don’t believe me? Check it out. or


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