I’ve discovered copy editors are a natural for Twitter.


140 characters is a luxury for a headline writer, who are traditionally copy editors. A copy editor must tell the gist of a story in as few as 10-12 characters. Those of you who have struggled with the infamous 1-38-3 headline setting can attest to that. Those of you who can write a 1-38-3 headline without breaking a sweat are supermen.

A good copy editor can tell his/her life story in 140 characters. For example:

“Raised by immigrant single mom, worked through skool, dogged into 1st job, pissed off ex-pres, survived pagination, now in online transition” (140 characters, w/o quote marks)

My advice to newspaper copy editors wondering what’s next … find a niche on Twitter. Success is almost assured!

UPDATE: Here are 7 reasons why the folk at Twitter think they’ll be mainstream in a couple of years.

Like they aren’t already?


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