The Chicago Tribune goes tabloid!

The paper announced today that it will sell a tabloid version of the paper on newsstands throughout the city and suburbs. It will continue to provide the traditional broadsheet version to home delivery.

Bold and gutsy move … and welcomed by those of us who have tried reading the Trib on a Metra commuter train, as well as the poor schleps sitting next to us and getting punched as we try to gracefully navigate the paper. Obviously trying to increase newsstand sales … an area the tabloid Sun-Times has had the advantage for some time.

But I wonder if thought was put into a couple of areas:

1. The number of people who get home delivery for the purpose of taking the Trib with them on their daily commute. They will still get the broadsheet. Will they cancel home delivery to get the tabloid and effectively shift circulation, instead of build it?

2. At a time when newspapers can barely afford to print one edition … and considering the parent Tribune Company is in bankruptcy proceedings … just how long will the accountants allow them to print two versions of the same newspaper?

Why do I see the Trib eventually saying to its core readers: “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to the tabloid format”?


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  1. Thanks…yes, I do remember Chicago Today and its woefully short lifespan. If I remember right, Trib pulled the plug on it to go to the “24 hour” Chicago Tribune. That lasted about as long as Chicago Today.Yes, the Times are a-changin’. Or, more specifically, the more they change, the more they stay the same.On a “too much information” note, I still remember the Chicago Today jingle:“What a day it has been.Modern times that we’re in.Clock ticks to fast,morning doesn’t last.Afternoon gets tough and I’ve had enough.What a day it has been today,what a day for Chicago Today.”

  2. Hmmm…I’ve seen this before. wait, let me go back in time. Yes! Does anyone remember the Chicago Today? It was the Herald American (owned by the Trib) before it was turned into a tabloid to try and save it. Did it work? Hmm…don’t see if around any more?TIP: Chicago Today employees got their first hint the paper was going under when a reporter tried to take out a classified ad for a garage sale and was sent to the Tribune ad department. Next Lesson: What’s a classified ad?Oh the Times they are a-changing!


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