Doc in a (wifi) box

Why haven’t doctors’ offices realized what a service they could provide if they had wifi access in their waiting rooms? It suddenly hit me today as I sat for more than an hour, waiting for my elderly mother, reading a six-month-old copy of National Geographic and trying my bets to feign interest in the material.

I’ve expressed this idea to a number of doctors and dentists whose waiting rooms I know well thanks to my parents and teenage kids. But every time I’ve been met with a blank stare from the office managers, or at least a blank “I’ll mention it to the doctor” reply as they gratefully take my check for the visit.

I can’t be the only person who sits in these offices thinking “think of how much I could get done if only I could connect my laptop.” (Disclosure: I do not have a smartphone. My phone is on a pay-as-you-go plan because I have a real fear of committing to a multi-year contract, and I have a cool phone number that I’m not willing to lose by switching phone plans). I’m not sure if anyone has studied just how much productivity time is lost by Boomers shuffling their parents and kids to medical centers, but I would certainly believe given the ability to make up that time, we’d easily jump on it.

Next time you’re stuck in a waiting room shuffling through ragged copies of Sports Illustrated or some upscale mag of places and things you could never afford, tell the office manager to get some wifi in the waiting room, so you and your fellow room occupants can get some work done.

If enough of us speak out, maybe our insurance will cover that as well.


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  1. i mentioned that to my auto dealership cashier recently, as I had to wait several hours for a repair (no loaner available, no friends to shuttle me back and forth from home.) I could see they had wi-fi, but not for the public. She said Saturn is thinking about offering it.In the meantime, they kindly let me use a computer at the receptionist’s unoccupied desk to look up my e-mail and surf the Internet.


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