Video journalist and emerging media expert Michael Rosenblum wrote a wonderful “open letter to a newspaper editor” on his blog, following up on a speech to the Society of Editors in the U.K.

It’s a follow up to a question one editor asked: Whether he should put video on his Web site. A simple no-brainer answer, but Rosenblum takes it one … no maybe four or five … steps further by suggesting you could actually build a revenue model around video. By using video to supplement your sagging classified market, use video to advertise services and mark occasions (Rosenblum mentions video weddings and charge for the service).

Not really a traditional service of newspapers, but why not? By doing so, Rosenblum concludes, you make your paper “into the video information and public discussion node for your community.” Translate back to my previous postings that local will be the battleground for newspapers’ survival. You own your market, and you will live to print another day.

Unfortunately, I still think too many local publishers are blind to the potential video has for the Web in local news AND advertising. They still look at it as TV for the Internet and oftentimes are misled by the photographers that still look at video with an editorial/advertising bias.

Frankly, any newspaper that still has the word “Publications” in its corporate title probably won’t get it.


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