Much off-topic today:

As a White Sox fan, I was happy with my team’s performance in this year’s playoffs. They really didn’t belong in the playoffs, but there they were. And they went down fighting to the younger and faster Tampa Bay Rays.

But my fellow Cubs fans had a team that should have, by all means, been in this year’s World Series. They sailed their way into the playoffs, then immediately sank. Now you’d think the average Cubs fan would be used to this. After all, for the past century fans simply shrugged their shoulders and sighed “wain until next year.”

But this year’s team made believers out of the most hardened Cubs hater. So when the Cubs fell flat on their respective faces in the playoffs, It hurt AND embarrassed Cubs nation even more.

As a result, I’ve noticed they’re not shrugging shoulders any more.

They’re angry…very angry…

…and bitter…very bitter…

…and they want someone to pay.

Frankly, I don’t think it’s the team that is the cause of this playoff impotence. My belief is that the team is carrying 100 years of curses, Cubbie occurrences, ghosts of great plays, players and goats of the past, excitable fans with Walkmans, etc. That’s a massive load to have on your shoulders.

If they Cubs want to go to the World Series, they should unload the very core of all that tradition-laced fear and angst.

Wrigley Field.

It must go.

The Cubs must leave Wrigley Field. The sooner the better. Like the house in Amityville, Wrigley has spirits lurking through it that infect the team and fans, causing them to choke in the clutch. The Cubs must get out. Now.

Once the Cubs find a new home … and I’m sure there would be a suburb willing to host them … fans should circle the park and, like a Cubbie coven, burn the structure to the ground releasing the woeful spirits from Buckner and Bartman to the night sky.

OK, so a ritual burning may not necessarily be allowed under Chicago building codes. But the park could be leased to one of the many nearby universities as a ballpark for their team. Let them deal with the spirits.

In the meantime, the Cubs can start anew. A new field, a new home, a new lease on life.

It took the Florida Marlins only 6 years to go from nobody to Series crown. It could work for the “new” Cubs as well.


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