Need more proof that newspapers are recognizing they need to be “snack,” and no longer a “three-course meal” to readers? Consider this:

* The Tampa Tribune is looking at publishing a one-section paper on weekdays, according to St. Pete Times media critic Eric Deggans.

* The Sun-Times reporters rumors of a 3-section Chicago Tribune when the redesigned paper hits the street later this month.

The reasons stress saving money on newsprint, which is certainly valid. But, will this make the Tribunes less of a newspaper?

Not if they have looked closely at what modern readers want. As long as they provide a solid news report that can be read quickly, they will do OK.

Sure, these shifts will cause some readers to cancel their subscriptions. Remember, our new and potential readers are no longer willing to sit down and spend a lot of time with our products, We should accommodate them with something they find still find compelling and useful, but also quicker to use.