* The Chicago Tribune new redesign debuted to day to a chorus of brickbats. Yes, it’s not your mother’s Tribune. Lots of huge photos, hundreds of cutouts and kitchy gimmicks (The “mall map” at the top of each page that tells you what page you’re on, is really a hoot. With respect to comedian Jim Gaffigan, just how drunk do you have to be to not know what newspaper page you’re on?).

But, once you get past the flash and glamor, there is substance. Lots of it. And it’s interesting and useful.

The Tribune came out of the gate with a strong gallop. If it can maintain this pace with “the Midwest’s largest reporting team,” it just may have something. Something the competition should be concerned about.

* Given the reaction of Congress with the financial institutions, could it be possible that the news industry could also receive a bailout from the government? Would the government be willing to loan money to an industry that has been the watchdog, uncovering corruption and abuse of power for more than 2 centuries?

Obviously, government leaders would probably be happy to see the mainstream media fade away into oblivion. But, if that happens, who would our lawmakers blame for their abuse of the public trust?


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