The Chicago Tribune gave the world a peek at its anticipated redesign Monday, and almost immediately the darts started flying from Tribune readers and media pundits alike. The large photos, cutouts and graphics were too much like USA Today, too busy, too shallow, too much like RedEye.

Too much like RedEye? Well, isn’t capturing young readers what it’s all about?

Instead of hearing from the grizzled pundits who long for the days of the “bigger, fresher, 24-hour Tribune,” I (and the Trib’s management, as well) would rather hear from the folks who made RedEye a viable tabloid in the city. If there are as many of them who look at the new Trib and go “hmmmmmm….” as there are current readers that go “ewwwwww..,” then I’d wager that this will not be the debacle that many are already predicting.

And that, my friends, is what taking a leap of faith is all about. Right or wrong, at least the Tribune Company is trying.


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