Today’s flotsam:

* Three newspapers in Florida are going to test the waters in content sharing. What makes it unique is that none of the three — the Miami Herald, Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel and Palm Beach Post — are owned by the same company, but all three compete in the same regional marketplace. The experiment will continue for three months and will be re-examined after that.

Remember these words: “Your enemies become your allies” in the new media world.

Someone is catching on.

*Crain’s Chicago Business reports that the Chicago Tribune redesign will not look like the prototype leaked to Editor & Publisher earlier this week. Too bad, I thought it showed that those in power at the Trib had the guts to try something radical to attact a new breed of readers.

Let’s hope that the redesign that debuts in late September will be as fresh and radical as the leaked prototype. The last thing the Trib needs is to apply fresh makup on a dying horse.

* A few readers have asked me why I haven’t chimed in on the recent departure of Sun-Times sports columnist Jay Mariotti. My answer: Why should I waste my time?


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