It’s nice to be proven right. A couple of months ago I wrote that we are becoming a nation of “news grazers,” getting out information fix from here and there, but taking it in at our convenience throughout our very hectic days. This grazing has disrupted the newspaper experience, which requires you to stop, read and digest all at once.

Well, the folks at the Pew Research Center released a new report on changing habits of readers. Among the bullet points of the report (conveniently ‘grazed’ by Poynter’s Amy Gahran) is that, indeed, news grazers have become the norm.

Now that we have officially recognize news grazing as the way new readers get their news, maybe those who have been in denial will finally realize they need to change the way we provide the news to them?

Google and Yahoo have recognized it for years. Huffington Post is catching on quick. If we, as those who actually produce content, don’t reign back our territory, we’ll be out of business.

Remember, news grazers don’t care where the news source comes from. So, as a news producer, news organizations should decide what they do best and focus on that. What you can’t do well, get from someone else, even if it’s your competition.

News grazers like the convenience. If we figure out a way to provide a premium experience, we may even be able to make some money off of it, either through a subscription service or advertiser support.

OK, I see you moving on to something else, so I’ll stop.


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