Today’s flotsam:

*Thursday’s Tribune Metro section led with a staff-produced story about how people in the Chicago exurb of Harvard have coped after Motorola closed up its massive cell phone plant five years ago, thereby eliminating the town’s largest employer and road to prosperity.

On Page 5, a full-page ad placed by Harvard’s economic group touts the benefits of bringing your business to the town.

An uncanny coincidence brought about by the wall separating editorial and advertising, or the Tribune’s new premium ad policy (place a full-page ad, and we’ll focus a news section on your issues)?

With public editor Tim McNulty gone, I guess we’ll never get an answer.

But for REAL coincidence, Motorola announced the same day they’re selling the Harvard building to another company (or do we have a real conspiracy working here?)

*The Huffington Post debuted its Chicago “local” edition today. My first thought is why would anyone want to open a new venture in a market that is over saturated with media?

But after looking over it, I have to give Adrianna credit for doing her homework. HuffPo Chicago is by no means the “hyperlocal” product that the metro area could really use, but it IS a one-stop shop for city news. I could do without John Cusack’s pining for the city life, but the selection of stories from the city’s metros was well-done, and the “quick read” feature is great.

It takes the Trib’s Daywatch compilation one … no, make that about four … steps further. And I predict HuffPo Chicago will become a force to reckon with.


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