Today’s flotsam:

* The Tribune’s Phil Rosenthal’s interview with his new boss, Gerry Kern, is good reading. Of course, Rosenthal is ALWAYS good reading. The interview seemed a bit softball … which could be expected when you’re writing about the guy who could fire you … but I give him credit for asking some hard reality questions.

And although I’ve previously written I think Gerry has the “ganas” to steer the Trib through the tumult, I’m worried that his comments did nothing to show his view on the importance bringing the Tribune newsroom out of the print mindset and into developing news for multiple delivery platforms.

But we’ll see what happens in the weeks ahead.

UPDATE: Kern explains the “byline count” brouhaha in this interview with Reuters. Byline counts are not a new idea, but as Kern points out, they can be one of many metrics that, taken as a whole, can help define productivity. I’m still surprised the byline count idea is such a surprise among journalists today.

Every newsroom has at least one reporter or editor who’s not pulling his or her load, and the hard-working staffers know who those people are. Those are the ones who should worry … maybe they are the ones who are complaining the most.

* Here’s a real enlightening … and a bit disappointing … interview with Atlanta Journal-Constitution editor Julie Wallace. A lot of hope was placed in the AJR’s newsroom revolution. But … if you read between the lines of this interview … it sounds as if the reality of staff cuts have led to less-than-desired results.


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