Today’s flotsam:

*Ex-Star Tribune editor Tim McGuire’s recent comments on the future of newspapers is long, but beautifully on the mark. The whining of many journalists over the industry is not due to pining from the past, but more focused on frustration of the management to take the initiative. What most are seeing is a management structure too focused on immediate cuts and not enough on short and long-term solutions.

* Former Tribune editorial page editor and public editor Don Wycliff recently announced his resignation as associate vice president for public information at Notre Dame. In the story, Wycliff notes PR was not his style. So true. Don was one of the true class acts in Chicago media, and no doubt set the standard of ethics and openness with readers in his role as public editor. Here’s hoping he finds his way back onto the pages of a Chicago newspaper, where he belongs!

*The Sun-Times story regarding the Tribune’s memo requiring staff to cut back on office supplies by $500,000 notes that the memo’s author, Chief Administrative Officer Gerald Spector, drives a $235,000 Lamborghini sports car to work. While the bloggers are all saying he probably wasn’t the best person to write such a memo, my initial reaction was “There’s someone in this business who can buy a Lamborghini?”


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