Today’s flotsam:

* The Dallas Morning News, in an attempt to go after a market of non-readers, is creating a new free home-delivery paper called “Briefing.” The DMN powers-that-be suggest the paper is aimed at those who know of the full newspaper, but “don’t have time to read” the full version.

Granted, this is a more creative … and possibly feasible … variation that the PDF newspaper debuted my the San Jose Mercury News a while back. But, given the track record of free publications … many in my neighborhood either wind up in the recycling bin or, even worse, lay out at the edge of the driveway … I wonder if home delivery is the best method of delivery to customers. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have it available at impulse spots, like commuter stations and convenience stores? After building an audience there, then look at home delivery.

I hope Dallas has some success with a “Headline News” version of its paper. It would be nice to see a general print product succeed, but I have my doubts about this one, also.

* I’m convinced that Tribune Company innovation guru Lee Abrams is sending his own internal memos to Jim Romenesko. His third think piece appeared this week touting all the new things being done at the Baltimore Sun. All well and good … I really like the classifieds ideas … but I hope Abrams is able to shed the “template” image he’s concerned about. The latest redesign of the Tribune’s web site is demonstrative of that, in that … aside of the label …. the company’s sites all look and feel the same.

* God bless Michael Kinsley. His response to Tribune Company’s Sam Zell and Randy Michaels on measuring journalists’ productivity through inch counts is masterfully and verbosely done in his latest Slate entry.

* The Tribune’s Ft.Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel is eliminating its managing editor position after the current M.E. retires at the end of July. Is this an innovation Lee Abrams can lay claim to?


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