A bit off topic today:

David Kaplan’s essay in this week’s Newsweek hits to the heart as to why I’ll be in line for the new Indiana Jones movie this weekend.

It’s not so much of the swashbuckling adventurer Indy, but to see just how Marion Ravenwood had held up after all these years. Yes, I am also a Karen Allen-ophile. Allen’s piercing blue eyes and angelic face won my heart long before her role as Marion. In fact, she roped me in when I was a senior in college, watching Allen as the loyal girlfriend Katy to the mischievous Boone in “Animal House.” Those looks and loyalty to her man made her the girl I wanted living next door.

She reinforced my infatuation in “Starman,” especially in the early scenes as she tearfully mourned the passing of her husband dressed in a flannel shirt, and little else.

But it’s was Marion, that tough but vulnerable barkeeper in Nepal, that made me say “Oh yeah, she is the one!” Face it, any woman that can drink Sherpas under the table, then moments later take on a group of Nazis has to be every man’s fantasy. Marion Ravenwood’s appeal to men easily ranks up there with the appeal Sean Connery’s James Bond has with women.

I think the only fatal flaw Spielberg made in the “Jones” was not bringing her back for the other two sequels. OK, I understand the Kate Capshaw bit, but her screaming got a bit old after a while. At least Marion would stand up and fight when the need arose!

So, yes, I’ll be cheerfully welcoming Karen Allen back to the big screen this weekend.

And, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I eventaully married a woman named Karen.


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