Lee Smith offers a unique proposition In the Chronicle of High Education. No I’m not a big readers of it, but it was brouht to my attention.

The idea of having the nation’s colleges and universities to buy the New York Times and other newspapers is frightening. As a father with the cost of college education for his two sons looming in the near future. I can only imagine what a proposition like this would do to the cost of college tuition.

Instead of a bailout, maybe local schools should partner with their local newspaper. The schools could begin teaching our children the importance of being informed on the news of the world and at home at kindergarten, then continue to stress the importance of reading the news, — and as a result being well-informed on the events and issues of the day — as our children go through the education system. Newspapers could supply the tools and the expertise to help schools teach the subject.

Just think of the numbers of new readers who, when they become adults, would think of picking up a newspaper as a regular habit because it was drilled into them at a young age.

As Rick Blaine would say, “This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.”


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