Blogger Jeff Jarvis recently presented his vision for the future of news. What I love about it are his drawings that put what most of us have been saying into a nice, tidy visual. I almost wish I had access to them when I spoke to a college class at North Central College last week. It could have cut about 15 minutes from my diatribe.

Jarvis’ thoughts are not unlike those of Gordon Crovitz, which I’ve discussed recently. But both stress that the media is no longer the center of the information process, but the public. Jarvis calls it the “press-sphere,” that the press now becomes part of an individual’s flow of information (known as the “me-sphere”).

There are more and more visionaries out there that realize the media is not the sole … or even the main focus … source of information anymore. For traditional media to survive, they must be an active part of the exchange of information with the reader. A moderator of news, not a professor.

Unfortunately, few of those visionaries sit in controlling positions of today’s newspapers.

As an aside, I love Jarvis’ noteworthy British terminology, but I think the word “press-sphere” still put too much emphasis on “press,” which as you know I feel is too old world. Would “media-sphere” or “info-sphere” be a better term?


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