Change of subject … is it time for a “24/7” president?

Looking at the campaign and the folks who are still left standing, I for one am still scratching my head over who would make the best candidate, and frankly, I’m not thrilled by any of them.

America need change, they say. America needs a true leader and patriot.

So I think it’s time to start a movement to draft Jack Bauer for president.

Who is more of an American and patriot than Jack? How many times has he faced certain death in order to save the country?

And, let’s face it, we know he’d be the only one awake at 3 a.m. when the phone at the White House rings. And, we also know, he’d be the only choice who would calmly say “I’m on it,” then get to work.

So I say let’s start a “Back Jack” movement!

He’s already got some good selections for his cabinet. Bill Buchanan would make a great vice president. How many times has he taken the flak for Jack and had his back, even in that horrendous Season 6?

Chloe O’Brien for chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. We’ve seen how potent she can be with a computer keyboard … imagine how dangerous she’s be with the full might of the American military behind her? (“OK Jack.I’ve located bin Laden and am sending his coordinates and a thermal image layout of his hideout pinpointing the location of all hostiles and munitions. You’ll have it in your PDA shortly. Oh, and I’m also sending a full Delta Force strike team to back you up if you need them.”)

So what do you say? He’s served four presidents faithfully…isn’t it his time to lead us?

Jack Bauer for president in 2008!


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