Here’s another thought on my proposal on the elimination of television news anchors…what about News On Demand?

The Internet is showing the print media that readers … not editors … dictate how they get their news. Why should television be any different?

Cable companies are already providing movies and sports to viewers on their terms, at a premium price. Why not a newscast? As a viewer, I can sit at my convenience, call up a menu of the day’s news stories, pick the stories that pique my interest, and view them without having to rearrange my schedule. Basically, it’d a TV version of Google News. But the idea is to beat Google at its game here.

Is it a better way to present the news? Can’t say for sure. But, like movies and sports on demand, there may be a segment of the market that would be willing to pay a price for the convenience of getting information on their terms in HD.

And again, given what hasn’t been working over the years, it’s at least worth a look.


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