St. Petersburg Times media columnist Eric Deggans had a wonderful piece recently about the death of the memorable TV theme song.

He also lists an unofficial Top 10 list, which includes everything from “Sanford and Son” to “Those Were The Days.” Although the list was pretty complete, I was shocked that the theme to “Hawaii Five-O” didn’t make it. With that pounding percussion and uptempo brass. THAT was a theme that made you take notice, especially as the camera zoomed across town to the roof of the Illikai Hotel and well-coiffed Jack Lord. That easily could have replaced the “MASH” theme, which was more an elevator version of the poignant song from the movie.

Also amazingly missing was the wonderfully campy “Batman” theme. OK, you’re saying you hate it, but just how many times in your life have you found yourself in a situation when you’ve hummed “na na na na na na na na na na na na” to yourself?

And, not to mention “You’re gonna make it after all….” from “The Mary Tyler Moore Show?” What’s up with that?

Others worth mentioning were “Mannix” and “Rockford Files,” as well as the great adaptation of Del Shannon’s “Runaway” for “Crime Story.”


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