I’ve been sympathetic to my teen boys because, as they try to assert their independence against my wife and I, they really don’t have one, unique flagpole of revolution to rally around. The hair issue we’ve already covered. Music? You could argue that gangsta, goth and slash rock is unique, but it’s still founded in the soul of rock, that music we used to piss off our parents! My MP3 player has hints of Korn, Papa Roach, Snoop Dogg and Disturbed among my Bruce, Eagles, Beatles and Steely Dan (yes, quite an eclectic mix). And my kids? Well, you can find in their music libraries the likes of The Who, Led Zepplin, Blue Oyster Cult and Ozzie Osbourne. So is this their attempt to rise up against the establishment? Quite frankly, I feel this is one of the biggest bonds I still have with my teens!

As long as we’re on the music front, I’ve downloaded an evaluation version of AIPL Singulator to see if I can get some of my old vinyl records into my MP3 library. The program is very easy to use and non-tech friendly and very simple to set up. I used The Cars debut album (which I have on Japanese “Supervinyl” … anyone remember that?). The result was a good, albeit slightly muddy translation, which I think is the result of analog and digital formats never quite syncing seamlessly. The program does break up songs on an album so they can be better sorted in MP3 land, and you do have control on just how much time between tracks will be needed to break. The only downside is that, after you flip the album over, you need to create a new file to record.

The eval version does put an annoying, Top-40 radio style tag at the beginning of each track, but the makers promise that gets removed if you buy the full version.

But, for the money, is a cheap and easy way to transfer LP music to MP3. The sound quality won’t be as good as your stereo, but it does feel richer that most digital music when listening on your iPod earbuds.


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