I think it’s part of a boy’s DNA that, when they turn 13, they must wear their hair long. My oldest decided the buzz cut was no longer acceptable when he turned that age, and now that my youngest has reached that milestone of life, he’s also become allergic to the barber’s chair.

This is a point in life where I’ve realized that my parents had it so easy. When it was time for a haircut and I balked, my dad would just point to a picture of him when he was that age and say, “See, this is how you should wear your hair…like a man!”

Today, when I tell either son he needs a haircut, they pull out my high school graduation picture … the one that makes me look like a pudgy Steve Perry … and say “YOU had long hair, why can’t I?”

It’s at that point I have to throw away any other logic, point to the slender hairs remaining on my head, and reply, “well, THIS is what happens to you when you don’t get haircuts as a teenager!”

So far, that’s been enough to scare them back to the barber…


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